Tax considerations for individuals with multiple sources of income

SARS calculates your income tax liability on the “sliding scale” basis. In other words, the amount of tax due to SARS increases as your taxable income increases. There are seven income brackets (tax tables), and [...]

Your medical practice as a Sole Proprietor or an Incorporation

The structure of your medical practice is critical in determining how your income will be taxed and the legal frameworks that you will need to comply with. These decisions often spark debate amongst medical practitioners. [...]

Considerations when setting up and running your medical practice

At Inaura Chartered Accountants, we have assisted in the setup of hundreds of medical practices. While engaging in these services, we have found common issues that clients should consider when setting up and running their [...]

Should I register my practice for VAT?

As accountants that specialise in the medical and tax space, one of the first questions the Inaura team get asked is, ‘Should I register my practice for VAT?’’ There are a few things that need [...]

Why Retirement Annuities Are Important

Do you have plans in place for when you decide to hang up your scrubs for the last time? What about your staff – are they prepared for retirement? What is a retirement annuity? A [...]