Accounting and tax for your medical practice

We are not your average accounting firm, we use technology and years of experience as Chartered accountants in the medical industry to effectively manage the accounting and tax affairs of your medical practice.
With over a decade of experience in the medical accounting and tax field we have identified some common issues:
  • Not writing off all valid tax expenses:

    With our experience we will ensure that all valid expenses have been taken into account, leaving yourself and your business in the most optimal cash flow position.

  • Staff do not get payslips and are not protected by UIF:

    We will assist with SARS registrations and issue your employees with payslips each month

  • The business owner does not have access to the business accounting records:

    We use secure online systems to ensure that business owners always have access to their accounting records.

  • Unsure if you should run as a sole proprietor or a company:

    We will inform you of the most efficient legal structure while your business grows to ensure you are always in the best tax position

  • Unable to plan for upcoming taxes and unsure what taxes to register for:

    We issue monthly management account with easy to understand future tax liabilities and we will advise when it is necessary to register for additional taxes

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